January 19, 2011

Nablus tahini with kosher seal?


Nablus-made tahini has always been well known, but now it may receive wider exposure. The Chief Rabbinate’s kashrut department said it recently received a request from the Alul Factory in Nablus, which manufactures tahini and halva (sweetmeat of sesame oil and nuts), to receive a kosher seal on their products.

The Chief Rabbinate said it was the first time a Palestinian business applied for such a certificate, and that despite the complexity of the matter, they are likely to approve the request.

The unusual request was made after Israeli businesses and marketing chains refused to buy the factory’s tahini and because one of the chains had turned kosher and was forced to remove the Nablus product from its shelves.

Alul Company manager Ragheb Alul told Ynet: “During the 1980s we did have a kashrut certificate, but it was taken away once Nablus was transferred to the Palestinian Authority. Before that, we had provided tahini to many factories in Israel. Since then, our workload has dropped considerably.”

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January 19, 2011

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